So you went into business for yourself to earn money on your own terms, but it doesn’t seem to be working out as well as you planned? If the primary goal of the startup was to do little more than bring in a profit, we might have landed on the problem. This is not to imply that profits are not important to the overall success of any business venture, but instead to highlight the deep and impactful role that an entrepreneur’s purpose plays in the success of his or her startup.

Personal purpose is vital to success. No matter the state of the economy, purpose can drive what profit cannot. Business owners who make their purpose an integral part of their business lives breathe their true passion every day, even in otherwise mundane tasks like a business meeting or phone call. These purpose-driven entrepreneurs also have another advantage – – they are likely to find the market that is most underserved or dissatisfied with certain offerings in a specific area.

Perhaps, most importantly, customers understand when someone is simply looking to make a sale and when someone is genuinely trying to make the world a better place with their product.

If the only purpose an online business has is to move a product off of the virtual shelf and into the hands of any consumer, there is little chance it will survive. Instead, purpose-driven and oriented businesses tend to thrive where profit-fueled startups fail.

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