Is It Important To Have Friends In The Workplace?


You spend the majority of your life and time at work. Whether you work in an office with several other people or you work as a solo entrepreneur, a lot of your life is spent working. This is why many people find it necessary to have friends at work or to at least be social with the people they come in contact with in their professional life. Making the effort to make friends at work may seem useless — after all, these people are not your family. However, having good work relationships can make your career richer and more enjoyable.

Having friends at work can be tricky. Besides, you may want to be friendly, but you also have to do your job. This could mean disagreeing with someone, having to evaluate his or her work, or other things that could be awkward for two people who are also friends. Some practical ways you can make friends at work and still do your job include the following:

  • Be a good listener, even if you do not agree with what the other person is saying.
  • Try to see issues from the perspectives of others, and do not insist on “winning” every argument or discussion.
  • Ask about people’s lives, and be genuinely interested in what they say.
  • Be honest, and don’t just say things that you think people want to hear.
  • Be supportive, even when it means others get to have the spotlight and recognition.

Being friendly and having friends can make your work-life better — and a simple way you can make this happen is to just not be a jerk. You can still chase your career goals, pursue promotions and keep your focus on your long-term professional objectives without being a loner. You may find that you are better at your job and enjoy your career more when you look forward to seeing your co-workers and heading into work each morning.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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