Ironically, Copywriters Are Now Being Hired To Make AI-Content Sound Human


The increase in the usage of artificial intelligence programs has caused many people to lose work. Copywriters are among those who may be struggling with finding work due to the accessibility of AI-generated content. It seems though that some online users are fed up with content created by non-human writers. Ironically, some copywriters are finding work from clients who need a human to rewrite AI content, so it sounds less robotic and more natural. Perhaps, society may realize the value provided by human workers and shift the focus to creating better working environments that don’t minimize the benefits of content created by human workers. 

How AI affects copywriters

Recent developments in the world of AI have made this type of technology accessible to anyone with an internet connection. AI-generated content is cheap to produce and has a very quick turnaround time when compared to content written by humans. This led to many online users turning to AI programs to generate content, significantly reducing the jobs available to copywriters. 

Changes in the acceptability of AI content 

AI-written content was initially accepted as a novelty, without the consideration of how it could impact human writers. As the technology became more accessible, copywriters soon realized that their livelihoods were at stake. However, recent feedback from readers has shown that AI-generated content lacks the human touch, which has led to an interesting development. Some copywriters who lost their jobs because of the ease of use of AI are now being rehired to edit and reformulate content so that it sounds more human-like. This pushback from readers may eventually be what ends the widespread use of AI content.

If you’ve lost work as a copywriter due to the accessibility of AI technology, don’t lose hope yet. While this technology seemed useful at first, readers are now realizing that AI content simply can’t compare to content written by humans. Once the initial fascination with AI technology wears off, and the issues associated with its use become more visible, you may find that your skills and knowledge will become valuable once again. 

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