Internal Links Enhance SEO

internal links

Links are an integral part of online marketing and they’re very important if you’re focused on SEO. Understanding SEO and how links enhance visibility can help you create better online content for your clients. While outbound links are very valuable in providing more information to readers, internal links are also very important in keeping a reader engaged and encouraging them to interact more with your client’s online content.

The value of internal links

An internal link takes the reader to another page on your client’s website. By adding internal links, you can provide an easy way for readers to gain more information on what your client has to offer without leaving your client’s website. More traffic between different parts of your client’s website can lead to more engagement and encourage the reader to purchase your client’s product or service once they feel like they have enough information from clicking through the internal links. 

Using internal links

When adding internal links to your content, be sure to use anchor text that reveals something useful about the page you are linking. Readers appreciate knowing something about a link before they click on it. An internal link helps search engines better understand your client’s website, which can increase the website’s visibility during searches. They also provide readers with a feeling that your client is an authority on their subject matter because the reader doesn’t have to navigate to a different website to gain more information. 

Internal links increase SEO and provide readers with additional information without prompting them to leave your client’s website. Use these links in a smart way by adding them to pages where a reader would likely want to seek more information. Anchor text that reflects what the reader will find when clicking through the link adds credibility to your client’s page. Internal links are valuable in increasing engagement and leading the reader to act based on your client’s goals. 

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