Integrated Service

Managed content creation service designed to provide consistent content and / or large batches of copy.

Perfect for agencies, PUBLISHERS & businesses.

Choose Integrated Service If:

  • You are an agency, publisher, or business that has consistent and / or large-scale needs.

  • You are spending on average more than $500 per month on content creation and/or copyediting.

More economical than Self Service.

Benefits of Integrated Service

We are less expensive

We offer scalability

We offer anonymity

We offer reliability

Quality Assurance

We pride ourselves in producing the highest quality products in our industry. Every single piece of content that bears the Vertu touch is fully edited and proofread for accuracy, SEO, spelling, grammar, context, flow and brand-suitability -- every piece. Every. Single. Piece. That means you can rest easy, post easy, share easy, and submit easy knowing that every word of content that represents your company has been through a stringent quality assurance process.

We offer THE most cost-effective and efficient solutions to every agency’s most frustrating pain points. We’ve worked with agencies all over the world for a decade, as well as some of the most prolific publishing companies in the United States and we’re confident that we not only know your struggles, but we also know how to help you solve those problems.


Let’s face it, content is still king – content still sells. Content creation is a MUST for every business and/or agency. But, it’s also time consuming, can be frustrating and, in many cases, really expensive.

That’s where we come in –

We are LESS EXPENSIVE. We offer agencies and business the benefit of THE BEST prices in the market. Bold? Yes. True? Also yes. We literally do offer the lowest prices on the market for expert-level content creation (expert — as in no outsourcing, no content mills, no smoke and mirrors). Imagine what you could do with your marketing budget if you were paying half, or even one-third of what you’re already paying for your content?

We offer SCALABILITY. No matter how much content you need, we’ve got you covered. You growth is our goal. In fact, the more you need, the happier we are – because we literally LOVE what we do. We have a fully staffed team of marketing and SEO geniuses who love to write and love to create content that not only serves a purpose, but reaps results.

Using our “adjustable contract” method, you will get consistently what you need, when you need it; every time, all the time. That means, if you need more content, or less, we have your back.


Vertu offers full developmental and copyediting services, proofreading, galley edits and even research/fact checking (where warranted) to ensure each manuscript is accurate and error-free. Our editing staff specializes in a variety of styles and maintains the standards set forth in the Chicago Manual of Style for each and every manuscript, and accommodates publisher best-practices for every client. Vertu offers expedient turnaround times, customization and a flexible pricing structure. We provide a long-term, consistent and exclusive solution for the nation’s most respected publishers.

Can you really accommodate the unique content creation or editing needs of a Publisher, Agency or business?

We offer anonymity.

You may have never heard of us – and there’s a reason for that. We give ALL our clients the option to engage in an anonymous vendor relationship. That means, we do the writing/editing and they get the credit. Needless to say, offering this option means that, despite providing services for many of the biggest names in marketing and publishing, we remain a best-kept secret, and our clients gain full ownership of the work we produce.

The privacy of the anonymous relationship even allows us to provide marketing and branding services to other marketing and branding companies. Yes, that’s right, we are the marketing firm behind marketing firms. We are a cog that keeps the corporate-branding machine running, and we do it all without the publicized glory most other corporate marketing agencies require.

Why? Because most people in our industry do a lot of fast talking, they make a lot of promises and, like magicians, they draw focus to the “prestige.” All the while, drawing your eye away from what really matters and the things that get actual results.

We are Vertū for a reason, our primary focus is optimal service, exemplary products and tangible results. We don’t need to see our name in lights to do outstanding work.

No, not all our clients remain anonymous. Some publishers have even included our editors in the acknowledgements for newly published books! It is not a mandatory component of the vendor relationship with our team. However, we find that providing the privacy option to our clients allows us to pursue projects that would otherwise remain unavailable to us and it allows us to earn a level of trust with our clients that very few corporate marketing agencies have the opportunity to earn.

We offer RELIABILITY. Life happens, but when you have a full team of dedicated professionals in your corner, creating content is no longer a chore. Meeting those deadlines is no longer cause for concern. You can focus on your work, make that little league game, or tend to that doctor’s appointment without worrying about when you’ll find the time to write or if that author left typos in her footnotes and whether or not that whitepaper is formatted properly. With our team, the backups have backups, so if one writer or editor is ill or has an emergency, there are ten more waiting to make sure the work gets done on time and up to standards. You can set your watch by it.

Interested in working with us for your content creation or editing needs?

We’d love to talk to you more about how Integrated Service works. If you have questions, or just want to explore your options, please reach out via chat or our contact form. If you’re ready to get started today, please reach out. We’re standing by to help you!

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