Increase Your Affiliate Sales with a Schedule

Writers tend to like the freedom to write what they want, when they want. This model might work out well enough for best-selling authors with a number of prize winning books and articles under their belts, but it can spell disaster for bloggers who work in affiliate sales.

As most bloggers already know, a lot goes on behind the scene of a well-crafted blog post. There is research to be done, photos to be taken and products to be reviewed, and that is just the beginning of the process. Starting any one of these processes on the day you plan to publish a post is one of the easiest ways to wreck your own chances of success. Here are the factors to consider when first crafting a schedule:

  • The number of blogs you intend to post per month
  • How many of those blogs will include an affiliate link
  • How many of those blogs will cover other topics (These should fall in line with the overall theme of your blog.)
  • The number of email newsletters that will be sent out
  • The number of social media posts and the networks to which they will be posted

You should have a general idea of how much time it takes to actually sit down and write each one of the blog posts that you intend to write. Carving out time on specific days is a start, but you need to add more to your schedule. Research needs its own dedicated time as does marketing, networking and crafting email newsletters. Product reviews can take a little longer than other posts, and taking extra time is actually preferable in order to provide the most valuable content possible.

Like in any other business, a schedule is a crucial tool for keeping operations on track and on task. Running an affiliate sales business from home might seem like all pajama pants and coffee breaks at first, but without a careful and flexible schedule, it is unlikely that any true success will be found.

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