Increase Exposure With More Instagram Followers


Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms, likely due to it’s strictly visual content and ease of use. Many businesses are now seeing the benefit of using Instagram to increase exposure, but often hit a “wall” when it comes to building explosive numbers of followers. In order to properly leverage Instagram for the benefit of your small business, try the following:

  1. Post often. People won’t follow business accounts that only post sporadically. Daily posts capture attention, and they should be high-quality and personal. With Instagram’s relatively new video feature, it is now possible to SPEAK with potential followers and customers, which can be a critical step toward building a relationship. Frequent posts=more followers.
  2. Stay on topic. You should be posting content that appeals to your particular market. If you own and operate a floral company, speak to what you know–flowers! That is not to say that there is never room for funny content or personal posts, but for the most part, stick to your niche and speak knowledgeably about this subject area in your captions.
  3. instagramUse hashtags and captions properly. Hashtags are a huge part of posting on Instagram, but they should be done well. Three to five hashtags per post are ideal, but do some research into what hashtags are optimal for your particular type of business.
  4. Don’t annoy your followers. There is a fine line between frequent, relevant posts and over-posting. Don’t bombard people with 5-10 posts per day. Trial and error should determine how often you should be posting. Be consistent, be personal, be relevant to your market–but don’t let your posts become a turn-off to potential followers and customers.

instagramUltimately, Instagram provides the opportunity to build a community among your followers. Uplifting content is key, but also post content that encourages ongoing relationships between your business and your Insta-followers. Ban negative posts, encourage positivity and watch how Instagram can put your company’s exposure on the next level. Use it right, and Instagram can lead to Insta-growth.

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