In Sales, You Need To Sell Yourself As An Expert

Sales are an important part of many different types of businesses. Even if you do not have to sell a specific product, you may have to sell yourself as the right person for a specific job, or you may have to sell your company as the best option for a potential client. It can be hard to learn how to sell well, especially if it makes you feel uncomfortable to put yourself out there, talk about why you are the best and try to convince people to give you their money. It may help to stop focusing so much on making the actual sale and focus on selling yourself as an expert. In fact, you don’t even have to think of yourself as salesperson in order to succeed in sales.

When you aren’t thinking of yourself as salesperson, it gives you room to slow down and actually think about what your customers and potential customers need. Listen to their concerns and try to meet their needs. Remember, you’re the expert, which means you can stop and figure out if your product or service is actually a good fit before you try and close the deal. When you approach a sale with a client-first mentality, you’ll come across as more genuine, honest and personable.

You can also let go of the tendency to be overly bubbly and enthusiastic. As an expert, you already know how good your product or service is. You can explain the benefits of what you’re selling without going overboard on the emotion and fake peppiness. Again, take the time to listen to needs, understand the challenges your clients are facing and talk about specific ways you may be able to help.

One important component to seeming like an expert is to actually be an expert on your product. While there are times you’ll have to “fake ’til you make it,” you should know your product and service inside out. Take the time to do your homework, study options, look over questions a customer may ask and know everything you can about what it is you’re trying to sell.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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