Improve Your Research Skills As A Copywriter


Research is a big part of the job for most copywriters. No matter what subjects you write about, you need to be able to find reliable information and good sources to make your work trustworthy and useful. Researching may seem easy at first, but when you consider how many unreliable sources and how much false information is out there, you may realize that a lot of online sources are not usable, especially for professional blogs and articles. Learning how to research and find good information can help you be a better copywriter.

Know when sources are not reliable

People with ulterior motives may go a long way to put bad information out there. Bad sources are not always easy to spot, and they may seem legitimate at first. But when you dig deeper, you may find that the information is biased or even completely fabricated. Look for data and facts that back up what your source says. Good sources will usually provide links or notes that show where the information came from. Look for sources that are written by those knowledgeable about the subject and be cautious of sources with lots of ads and popups since this can mean the source author is more focused on making money rather than providing useful information.

Be open-minded

You may feel that you know a lot about something, but when you start researching you realize that you were wrong. Research is not about verifying what you know but about finding the truth. Learning more about a subject or learning that some of your preconceptions were incorrect helps you grow as a writer. Finding the truth is important even if the truth is controversial and not yet widely known.

As a copywriter, your research may involve online sources or a visit to the library. If you want to learn more about a subject before writing about it, consider using multiple sources and cross-referencing information to get to the truth. Use reliable sources that can back up information with facts and data. The key to being a good researcher is to go into the search open-mindedly with the willingness to learn. 

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