Impossible Goals And Alternate Realities


Like most people who start a business or launch an entrepreneurial venture, you likely started with a dream or vision of what you hoped to ultimately accomplish. Perhaps you are the accidental entrepreneur who woke up one morning to find that his or her hobby has morphed into a full-fledged business, or, perhaps, you are an individual who has yet to get started because what you want seems impossible. By nature, humans are driven by the concept of impossible goals. From manned flights to curing diseases, the unthinkable has become reality throughout history, over and over again.

Hoping to achieve something that only seems doable in an alternate reality is normal for innovative and creative individuals. For some, the connection to their impossible dream is strong, fueling the desire to keep moving forward and making every effort possible to move close to the goal. For others, they are content to visit this dream in quiet moments, continually shaping and pondering what will hopefully one day exist in this reality. Impossible goals are what drive human achievement, and like the many impossible dreamers before you, you may have to experience a bit of pain in the waiting, the hoping and the dreaming.

If you are sitting in the “not yet” phase of your impossible dream, it’s okay. Most goals aren’t reached overnight, and for you, it may be months, even years, before what you want is attainable. Every person with a goal must strike a careful balance between the pragmatic and the possible. Depending on where you are in your journey, a pragmatic approach may be best, but that does not mean that you must let go of dearly held dreams. Hold on to the things that seem impossible, even with both feet firmly planted in reality. Cherish those things, whether they are big or small, because there may come a time when you find yourself finally able to bring those goals out of an alternate reality and into fruition in real life.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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