How You Can Combat Loneliness


Owning your own business can be an exciting adventure. Perhaps you’ve dreamed for years of working for yourself, being your own boss and using your talents to earn an income. While there are many positive aspects to being a solo entrepreneur, it can also be a lonely experience. Working for yourself probably means working alone, and after awhile, loneliness can start to take a toll on your mental health.

As an entrepreneur, you may have to find ways to combat loneliness. If you work on your own every day, one thing that may help is to find places to work outside of your home. Make phone calls at a local park, take your computer to a coffee shop or considering renting co-working space. This allows you get fresh air, be around people and have some social interaction. Even a few minutes of contact each day can make a significant difference in your battle against feeling alone.

Another thing that can help is to establish contact with other solo entrepreneurs. Through social media, you can connect with other people who also work for themselves or work in the same field that you do. Facebook groups and online communities can help you feel connected to others even though you are all far apart.

It is also important for you to foster hobbies and protect your social life outside of work. This is especially crucial if you work by yourself or work from home all day. Allow yourself the time to have a life outside of work and enjoy the richness that comes with strong relationships with friends and families. This is one of the most effective ways to fight loneliness, protect your mental health and allow you to maintain your peace of mind.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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