Not only is Facebook a unique and powerful tool for your business, it also provides you with feedback regarding interaction with customers through this social media platform. Through Facebook Insights, you can learn how your customers are interacting with your Facebook page and connecting with your website, how posts connect with your audience, and even the best time of day to post.

Any administrator of a business’s page will have access to Facebook Insights. It is constantly updated, allowing you to see minute-by-minute developments of any new patterns. Through this tool, page administrators can see the total number of likes, how many people you can reach as friends of those who like your page and weekly updates regarding how many users were reached.

If you would like to know which posts were best received or went “viral,” Facebook Insights can provide this information. By seeing this, you can identify the most effective types of posts and how get the best response from those who visit your Facebook page. Additionally, you can see how many people actually see what you post, as well as see who is talking about your page.

Facebook Insights provides business owners a remarkable look at how they are doing–with customer interaction, communication and even marketing. This kind of real-time feedback is rare for business owners and site administrators, and this tool should be well utilized. In fact, information from Facebook Insights can indicate where improvements should be made, from website design to social media management.

Find out what Facebook Insights is saying about your business and customer relationship. Use this tool for greater improvement and, eventually, increased profitability.

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