How to Tank a Business in 4 Easy Steps

Tired of the creative freedom that comes with owning a business? Ready to hit the nine-to-five grind and place a finite limit on your paycheck? Believe it or not, it is easier than you think possible! Just follow these four steps to bring your business to a screeching halt:

1.Fill a useless need.

Did market research reveal that customers want helpful, easy-to-use products that can improve their lives? No need to worry about that, a product that addresses a problem no one really cares about can be just as good.

2.Copy your competition.

Make your business indistinguishable from other companies. After all, if customers really wanted diversity they would just say so, right?

3.Copy Shmoppy.

Customers visit your website to buy a product, not to sit around reading all day. Forget the attention to copy writing and give yourself a well-earned coffee break.

4.Keep your purpose out of it.

OK, sure, your purpose might help set your path in life, but this is business and there is no need to force the two to intermingle. You can do whatever you want with your purpose in your off hours.

Some people might say that running a business into the ground is impossible, but ignore the naysayers and focus on your goal. With some time, effort and a little bit of luck, tearing down your business could be the easiest thing you ever do.

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