A first impression can have an incalculable impact on the future relationship between a client and a business. Like a firm handshake, good website design is often the first impression of a business. When potential clients visit your website, what do they perceive about your company? Every aspect of a website, from the font choices to the “user-friendly” factor, sends a message about the professionalism, attitude and reliability of a business.

Web design is an often overlooked component of the success of a business. Customers will not revisit a site that is confusing, visually overwhelming or poorly designed. In an age where most client/provider interaction occurs online, this can be problematic. Monitoring web traffic and customer feedback can be a useful tool in evaluating the success of current web design, but there are certain questions that should be asked, including:

  • Is the company logo easily and immediately seen?
  • Does the home page seem “cluttered” or busy?
  • Is the color scheme clean and visually appealing?
  • Can customers easily identify links and visit other pages on the site?
  • Are there any “dead-end” links on the site?
  • How long has it been since the site has been updated?

These questions can help determine if it is time to improve your website. Most businesses can benefit from professional assistance when evaluating and revamping web design and improving search engine optimization (SEO). When improving or building a website, the following are some benefits of employing an experienced web design team:

  • SEO service: Improve search results, ensuring that potential clients are more likely to see the site
  • Navigation: Improve navigability of the website, making it easier for customers to connect
  • Logo: Design an easily identified logo as a focal point of the page
  • Social media: Integrate social media links for easy access to other lines of communication
  • Visual design: Colors, fonts and graphics should be professional, yet inviting

Websites should be visually appealing, yet functional. It is a difficult task to effectively accomplish both of these aspects, because design is a fluid concept that can be difficult to grasp. This is another reason that it is important to continually improve your website. Not only does this keep the “handshake” fresh and relevant, it conveys a positive message to potential clients.

Gone are the days of scrolling text and flashing pop ups on websites. When visiting a new site, people do not want to be accosted by a “Vegas-style” visual assault. A business site should be clean, professional and easy-to-navigate. It is estimated that a company has about five seconds to communicate their message when a customer visits the site for the first time. This five seconds can make the difference between a new client relationship or a potential sale/customer/client clicking the back button.

Make your five seconds count by revamping your web design. We can help you evaluate your current site and pinpoint how you can improve your site for sales and SEO purposes. This is a positive investment tailored to your specific needs and budget. Web design is the introduction to your company–be certain you are making a good first impression.



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