How To Identify Text Written By Artificial Intelligence Programs

artificial intelligence

As AI software gains popularity and becomes more accessible, more people may turn to this type of technology to write articles, blogs, and other work that would usually be completed by a human writer. While there is nothing inherently wrong with using AI in some cases, there are legitimate reasons why you may want to be aware when a text is generated by AI. 

Artificial intelligence is not perfect

Technology can be useful in many ways, but artificial intelligence simply cannot write in the same way as a human. Articles written by AI can come across as robotic and void of emotion, leaving readers with a feeling of detachment. While AI software may be able to get the message across, it often does so in a way that feels disingenuous. This is why some people want to avoid using AI-written content.

How to spot it

Content generated by AI may be grammatically correct with no misspellings or improper punctuation, but it usually lacks emotion. You can read something written by AI, and understand the point behind the writing, without engaging with the article. If a written piece is generated by AI, it may seem too perfect since the programs are designed to follow generally accepted writing rules. 

Since the technology is so new, it can be hard to spot the differences between AI-generated content and pieces written by humans. Programs for differentiating AI are being developed, but they are not infallible and not widely available. If you’re looking for writers, and don’t want AI-written content, be sure to let that be known to those you’re working with. While AI-written content can work for some purposes, it’s not always appropriate, and there’s nothing wrong with requiring content that is written by a human writer.

Technology is always changing quickly, and artificial intelligence is likely to stick around. While it is beneficial in many ways, we can’t overlook the fact that in some circumstances, the human element is important. This is especially true with written pieces. You may read something written by AI and understand it but feel that there is no emotion behind it. Emotion is what makes words powerful and without human writers, the written word is likely to become boring and monotonous, leaving writers and readers wanting something more.   

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