How To Give A Better And More Effective Presentation


For many people, giving a presentation is one of the most intimidating job-related tasks. Speaking publicly is not something that comes naturally for everyone, but even if you are not a natural-born speaker, you can still learn how to make your presentations better and more effective. Whether you do Power Point presentations regularly or give speeches on occasion, it’s worth the effort to make sure you communicate well and meet your objectives.

You’ve probably listened to a poorly prepared presentation or one given by someone who was nervous — it’s uncomfortable for everyone involved. For people not naturally inclined to speak in front of a group, this exercise can be quite difficult. However, there are steps you can take to make yourself a better and more confident speaker and presenter. As you start preparing, it can be helpful to first start with a complete outline of what you need and want to say. Starting with an outline can help you stay on track and prepare a concise, yet effective, presentation.

In the preparation stage, you will also find it beneficial to think about your audience and the bottom-line reason for your presentation. If it is solely to present facts for a specific purpose, then stick to the facts and figures. If you are presenting for the sake of persuasion or introducing something new, it may be beneficial to be more warm and engaging. Think about what will be best received by the majority of your audience.

Preparing thoroughly is the foundation of any good speech or presentation, and this may even help you be more confident as you speak in front of a group. If you have to give presentations as part of your work, teach yourself ways to deal with your nerves, take deep breaths and rely on your preparation.

By Meagan Kerlin by Vertu Marketing LLC

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