How To Get Over Your Fear Of Rejection


No one likes to hear the word “no.” Whether someone passed over your suggestion or you didn’t get selected for something, it can be painful when you experience rejection. Even if you have thick skin and you aren’t afraid to try again, you may be surprised by the ways that fear of rejection can impact your decision-making and choices. Getting over this fear can help you move forward confidently and stop worrying about failure.

You know that business decisions are rarely personal, but that doesn’t mean you don’t experience the sting of rejection when you hear no. It can be especially painful when you expect a yes or you believe you deserve approval. Taking the personal aspect out of it isn’t easy. One way you can prepare yourself to deal with rejection is to acknowledge that it will probably happen at some point.

When you’re honest with yourself, you can face this possibility head-on and deal with it appropriately if it happens. Once you start to deal with the reality of rejection, you will be able to see the positive aspects of hearing no. It’s no fun to experience rejection, but something better could be around the corner. Use the pain to push yourself forward and keep asking for yes – it will come if you keep fighting for it.

It’s okay to feel disappointed over rejection, but it’s not okay to allow it to define you. One “no” has no bearing on your future, especially if you use it as a learning opportunity. Reframe how you think about rejection, and you will find yourself excited for the opportunity to grow, adjust, learn and look ahead. Rejection isn’t fun, but it’s not something to fear. Don’t let it play a role in how you chase your goals.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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