How To Get And Keep Momentum


Have you ever felt like you just couldn’t maintain your momentum once you got going with something or started making headway with a goal? Have you felt like it was impossible to just get a task off the ground and that taking the first few steps were impossible? If so, you aren’t alone. Sometimes, getting to a point where you feel like you have forward momentum is incredibly difficult, and at other times, it’s impossible to hold onto. Unfortunately, you need momentum to reach your goals, making it important to know how to get — and keep — momentum.

One thing that can be incredibly helpful is to seek the guidance of someone who is further ahead than you are. A mentor who has walked the path you are walking can be an invaluable support as you chase a specific goal. Don’t listen to people who’ve accomplished less or don’t know what they’re talking about. Get your advice from the right people — otherwise you’re just slowing yourself down needlessly.

Another way you can get some momentum and keep your forward progress going is to increase your output and decrease your input. This sounds overly simple, but it’s a helpful principle to keep in mind. For every hour or so you spend consuming information or entertainment, including social media, you should spend four times as much being productive. It’s possible that a lack of focus and your own distractions are what is keep you from gaining any momentum.

You may also want to consider putting yourself on a strict work schedule and sticking to it. This may mean scheduling every minute of your work day, down to how long you will take to check email. When you commit to this type of self-discipline, it may surprise you how it can boost your results and improve your productivity levels.

Getting some momentum may be as simple as changing your schedule or taking a few small steps to increase your output. If you’re struggling to get going or can never seem to keep the momentum going that you need to reach your goals, it may help to evaluate yourself and your habits closely to see what may be holding you back.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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