How to Build an Online Presence and Why You Need One

Your business website is finally complete. You have created a company Twitter account and targeted ads are set to go live. So, pop quiz for you: Are you now finished creating your business’s online presence?

The Answer… NOT A CHANCE.

An online presence is much more than a handful of social media accounts and an artfully designed website, and it is never finished. A business’s online presence should include any and all of its activity online, and it should be created with clear, concise goals in mind. That means unless it can help you reach your goal, there is no need to share that hilarious article on the business’s blog, even if it did make you chuckle.

Ready to start building an online presence to help further your business? Here are FOUR easy steps you can start on now.

Set Goals

What should the business’s online presence accomplish? Do you want to bring in more customers or beef up a fan page’s numbers? Without any idea of where you want an online presence to take a business, it can be impossible to get there.

Start at Home

Without a brick and mortar building, the website is a business’s virtual structure. It should be clean, readable and easy for customers to navigate. Keep in mind that clean and easy do not mean boring. Make sure the content on the blog page is engaging and helps contribute to the goals you set.

Focus on Value

Posting for posting’s sake is an enormous problem that people run into when trying to create an online presence. Out of things to say? There is no need to panic, but refrain from posting the first thing that crosses your news feed. An online presence should provide consistently valuable content that reflects back on the business and its goals. Have trouble creating new content? Bring on help to handle the task and hold brainstorming sessions to set up a topic schedule.

Be Outgoing

Hey, it is called social media for a reason! Put yourself and your business out there. Customers and fans are not the only ones with whom you should be engaging. Be sure to focus on building credible business relationships along the way.

Virtually every business has an online presence in this day and age, but the process of creating and maintaining a successful presence can be even more important for startups and other online businesses.And hey, creating an online presence and community with customers and likeminded entrepreneurs sure beats passing out flyers on the corner.

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