How One Woman Turned Vlogging into an Empire


Blogging, as a tool for online business, certainly is not going anywhere any time soon, but for some go-getters, the platform is changing. Video blogging, more commonly known as vlogging, creates a space where vloggers and their subscribers can interact more directly. Beauty and makeup how-tos have taken off in recent years, but one vlogger stands out among the rest — Michelle Phan.

She started her beauty vlogs in 2007, in which she demonstrated how to apply makeup to achieve very specific looks, including some based on Disney characters. The outgoing and upbeat persona displayed during her tutorials shone through, and she became the first woman to achieve a billion unique views on the popular video hosting website, YouTube.

Phan did not stop there, and she soon turned her beauty vlog empire into a successful business venture with Ipsy. The California-based company provides subscription boxes to over one million customers in both the United States and Canada, and each month subscribers receive a Glam Bag stuffed with makeup items from brands that have partnered with Ipsy. Business is going so well that Phan plans to start expanding the subscription-based Glam Bag into Asia.

In addition to focusing on her own strengths and success, Phan is also creating opportunities for other entrepreneurs by creating a production studio. Named Open Studios, the studio will be equipped with various sets and cameras that artists and start-up hopefuls can use to launch their very own success stories.

After rising from a humble childhood to an empire worth millions, Phan certainly has not forgotten what it means to help others succeed.

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