How One Man Capitalized on the Self-Publishing Boom

The self-publishing boom might have started with Amazon, but at least one strategic entrepreneur has also been able to capitalize on the ease of creating and selling new books that its boom created. Tom Libelt, a master of time management, has created his wealth by publishing anywhere from 125 to 300 books every single month. Those hundreds of monthly books come from just three hours of Libelt’s time every week.

How exactly does he do it? Libelt has created an excellent team that does most of the brunt work when it comes to the books, all of which he requires to be of high quality and actually useful to consumers. That means that none of the 7 to 14 people working below him can throw together a few pages and call it a how-to guide.

Libelt’s process is both straightforward and brilliant. He focuses those three or four weekly hours on creating new and innovative titles for the publishing company, and then his workers pick up where he leaves off. The books, mostly non-fiction, can end up as long as 150 pages, but average closer to between 30 and 90, and are comprehensive for whatever subject they cover.

Compared to the previous nearly $80 per book production cost, Libelt spends a one-time production cost of approximately $7.50 on any given ebook and then offers each book at anywhere from $3.99 to $4.99, although more involved titles might fetch as much as $7.99. In a world filled with easy publishing and some writers willing to take short-cuts in quality, Libelt certainly stands out as the perfect intersection between innovation and quality products.

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