How One Business Owner Sparked a Nationwide Change


Not sure what makes an exceptional entrepreneur stand out from an average business owner? Sure, most people who head up a successful business have the know-how to evaluate products, manage a budget and target the right consumer groups, but to be truly great, you need a little more.

See a need, meet a need.

When it comes to best business practices, spotting consumers’ needs is one of the most beneficial practices and is often underutilized. Meeting an unknown or unrealized need is generally not that complicated, and, in many cases, can be accomplished without disrupting normal business routines.

Take the example of Scott Brickhouse, who owns two different Chick-fil-A locations. He noticed a trend among parents of young children who entered his restaurants — almost all of them struggled to order while also caring for multiple small kids. After discovering this trend, he took action and implemented what he calls “Mom’s Valet.” Parents, grandparents and even babysitters who are caring for small children can request the valet service at the drive-thru where they also order their food. Instead of picking it up at the window, valet customers park and enter the restaurant where they are seated at a table that has already been set up by employees. This includes high chairs, napkins and even placemats, all pre-arranged.

The “Mom’s Valet” might have started at two Florida locations, but it has since spread across the country with more than 100 different locations taking part in the service. All it took was one observant business owner who saw a need, and met it.

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