A Happier You Could Be Good For Business


No matter your job or the type of business you run, there will always be ups and downs. This is to be expected, but finding ways to be happy when things aren’t going as planned can not only help you keep your sanity, it can help you perform better. Having a positive attitude even when circumstances aren’t 100 percent as expected is better for you, better for your business and better for your employees. A happier version of you doesn’t miraculously happen overnight, but it can be cultivated with time, practice and implementing a few new habits.

One of the ways you can increase your personal happiness at work is to be realistic about your expectations for yourself. When you don’t overcommit, expect impossible results and run yourself into the ground, it’s easier to be a happier version of yourself. It’s okay to give yourself permission to undercommit and overproduce — it could be better for your mental health and overall attitude about your work.

Another way that you can be happier at work is to stop comparing yourself to the competition and to start actively working on ways to improve yourself and your business. Look at practical ways you can implement positive changes and generate more business, and stop worrying about what the business down the street is doing. Comparison can steal your joy, so spend your valuable mental energy on more productive things.

Confidence in yourself can help you be a happier person at work. When you feel secure in who you are and your abilities, you will make better decisions, stop second guessing yourself and find yourself able to keep your chin up, even when things are rough. Cultivating happiness doesn’t mean that you are immune to disappointment or blissfully ignorant of issues that should be addressed — it means that you have learned not to allow temporary circumstances to dictate your attitude and feelings.

Building habits of happiness is worthwhile, so give yourself the time and permission to work hard to protect your mental energy and attitude. A happier you is not only a better you, it can be better for business.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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