Hack Your Phone to Make Life Easier

It can be hard to imagine life before the introduction of smart phones. Although some people pine for the “good old days” before there were GPS instructions and immediate access to the Internet at the tip of a finger, the reality is that this technology has the ability to improve day-to-day life.

Even for the most unorganized business owner, a few simple hacks made to a smart phone can make productivity skyrocket.

  • Separate work apps and personal apps. Whether you have an iPhone, Android or any other type of smart phone, most allow you to organize your apps into folders. Games can be stored in one folder, social media apps in another and work-related apps can have their own designated space. There is little to no searching necessary, as most folders can be kept on a phone’s home page.
  • Utilize free apps. Less than pleased with the calendar app that came with your phone? Find a free one that fits your needs and download it. Have trouble keeping track of important lists? Google provides a handy app called “Keep,” where lists can be made, checked off and updated.
  • Do not forget about the alarm. Many people now use the alarm on their phones instead of traditional alarm clocks, but it can be useful for more than just making sure that you are awake in time for a shower. It can be easy to get lost in work, so set an alarm when you are on a tight schedule to keep from taking time away from other important tasks.

Smart phones may get a bad rap from time to time, but there is no denying how useful they can be. With a little bit of effort and organization, a smart phone can be more than just a texting machine — it can be a pocket personal assistant.

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