Grocery Shopping Tips During High Inflation


If you’ve been grocery shopping lately and compared the prices on the shelves to the prices you paid six months or even a year ago, you’ve probably noticed some changes. Inflation is part of life, but it can greatly impact your grocery budget and may require you to change some things about the way you shop. The following tips can help you deal with inflation at the grocery store so you’re able to get what you need to feed your family.

Stock up on foods with a longer shelf life

If you find a good deal on foods that have a longer shelf life, it’s helpful to stock up on those foods while keeping your budget and storage space in mind. Shelf-stable foods, canned goods and frozen foods can last a long time when stored properly. Just be sure to rotate your foods using the “first in first out” method so nothing goes bad before you can use it.

Shop at different stores

While your normal grocery store may offer some good sale prices, their shelf prices can be higher than other stores. For foods that you eat a lot of, consider shopping in bulk at a club store or through an online retailer. Amish stores, discount grocers and ethnic food stores often have excellent prices, and many have foods that you can’t find elsewhere.

Learn how to store foods

Buying in bulk and shopping ahead only works when you know how to store your food. If you eat a lot of frozen foods, consider purchasing a deep freezer that will allow you to keep more foods on hand. Keep dried goods stored in airtight containers in an area with stable temperatures and little light. Store canned goods on stable shelving to prevent dents, which can greatly decrease the shelf life of the foods inside. If you want to learn more about storing foods long-term, look into dehydrating or canning your foods at home.

We all have to buy groceries even as the prices go up. It’s not uncommon to have to shift some of your budget from so-called frivolous purchases to your grocery budget during times of high inflation. But there are some strategies you can use to shop smarter so that you have peace of mind that you can continue to feed your family the foods they enjoy.

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