Good Leadship In Difficult Circumstances


Leadership is challenging and difficult, but it can seem especially challenging right now in the midst of a pandemic and economic hardship. If you are in a position where you are a leader, you’ve probably had to make significant adjustments over the last month simply to keep things going and remain in communication with your team. Figuring out the logistics is only one part of the equation to answering what is required of you right now and how can you lead well during these times.

Leading well involves much more than just making plans and telling people what to do. You’re also in charge of certain intangible things, such as keeping morale up, inspiring others, challenging team members and making decisions regarding the future. This can be even more difficult when you’re all working from a distance. Some things that may be useful for your team right now include:

• Provide as much stability as possible for your team. Your team needs continuity and consistency, whether that means hosting web meetings at the same time each week or assigning tasks at a regular rate.
• Show compassion to your team members. This is a difficult time for everyone. Keep in mind that many people are also trying to homeschool their kids while working.
• Do as much as you can to keep things on a schedule. This will provide assurance for everyone, and it will help your team figure out their own individual work-from-home schedules.

It’s going to be a difficult few months as the country tries to move forward from this pandemic. Your challenges as a leader could grow, change and even become more complicated. Keep your focus on being there for your team and providing the support they need. That’s the key to good leadership and success in even the most difficult of circumstances.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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