Good Copy Versus Great Copy: How To Keep People Reading


When it comes to the copy you write for your website and other business-related marketing tools, there is a big difference between what is good and what is great, and finding a way to get to “great” will be what sets you apart from the rest of the competition. Good writing is timeless, not trendy, and basing your style on current cultural norms is a great way to ensure that your copy is only relevant for a short amount of time. Good grammar and strong vocabulary are the two key components to relevant, timeless, well-written copy.

Your copy is a window into the heart and soul of your business. You must communicate clearly and thoughtfully, remembering that the words that you use could be the difference between connecting a prospect with your company or losing that prospect. Grammar and style rules are great, but the key lies in how much you let personality come through in your words. It is possible to be both professional and personable at the same time, and the great writers know how to walk this tightrope in a way that clearly communicates while still being winsome and approachable.

You should draw the reader in from the very first moment, whether that is with an engaging and catchy headline or through a first sentence that compels a reader to stop skimming and keep reading. If you want someone to read all the way to the end, your writing must be compelling from the very beginning, or else it will fail in its ultimate objective.

Ultimately, great copy puts the reader first. From drawing him or her in with an engaging title to using language that is both accessible and informative, your copy should put the reader first in every aspect. Shift your perspective from what you think you need to say to what you believe the reader should hear. This shift in perspective, along with the grammatical and style guidelines every writer should follow, can be what pushes your good copy over the line to great copy.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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