Going From Thinking To Setting Goals

Do you have a goal for your business? Do you have a long-held dream for your company that you hope to accomplish someday? If so, you’ve probably given it a lot of thought. In fact, you’ve probably thought about it, overanalyzed it and then thought about it some more. However, there’s a big difference between thinking about something and setting goals to accomplish it.

Taking a thought and turning it into a goal makes it more real because now you’re setting a timeline and creating an action plan for something that’s been floating around in your head for a long time. In fact, if you want to up the ante for yourself, talk to someone you trust about your goal and ask him or her to hold you to it. This is a great way to add motivation and hold yourself accountable.

As you start formulating specific goals, start weeding out negative thoughts. Setting goals with the thought of failure looming over your head won’t start you off on the right foot. Is failure possible? Sure. But should that possibility influence how you set goals for yourself? Probably not. Take on a mentality of problem-solving instead of negativity.

When you’re working to take your thoughts and dreams and make them a reality, go ahead and get comfortable with the thought of hard work. It’s simply an inevitable part of achieving any type of success. When you’re setting goals, don’t shy away from challenging yourself. Anything worthwhile requires a little sweat equity and a willingness to keep going when things get difficult.

Finally, be kind to yourself. It’s not likely that you’ll accomplish every single goal you set — and that’s okay! Celebrate every success, and be comfortable with the possibility of not getting everything you hope you will. These are great opportunities for growth and ingenuity, and you can always adjust and make changes when setting goals for the next thing you want to accomplish.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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