Goals off Track? Bring Them Back Around with Purpose

Goals are one of the main driving forces in life. After passion and purpose, goals refine and whittle down life’s path, making the road ahead clearer and easier to follow than ever before. But, what happens when a new goal makes the road bumpier instead of clearing away the brush? Even for people who have already found their purpose in life, goals can be a tricky thing to manage.

Most people already know that internal purpose is much like a personal GPS for success in life. Unfortunately, it usually is not the only voice that one may be hearing. Opinions from friends, family and business colleagues can overwhelm and silence that inner purpose, and soon goals can begin to veer off that previously set path.

When there are more potholes than smooth pavement in life, it is important to evaluate the goals that you are working toward. First off, are they actually your goals? When considering this, look at what influenced you to set a particular goal. Was it your purpose or your parents purpose for you? Your passion or your colleagues? If that goal did not come straight from your purpose in life, it might be time to cut your losses and return to square one by setting a new goal.

Get back on track.

Fight the urge to beat yourself up or mope around over lost time and resources spent on a misguided goal. Instead, fuel that same energy toward self-evaluation. Return to your purpose, write down your core principles and create goals that align with you, your purpose and no one else.

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