Give Your Company An Identity

Identification is important. Without a valid ID, you cannot drive, rent a car, buy an airline ticket, purchase alcohol or do a number of other things. An ID is proof that you are who you say you are, which is essentially the purpose of corporate branding. A solid brand serves as the ID card of every business, the importance of which cannot be understated.

Target is a great example of successfully implemented corporate branding. Across the store, television ads and catalogs, the bullseye emblem and the color red is used heavily. Workers in the store wear red shirts–even the buggies are red. Now, frequent shoppers only have to see the symbol or someone wearing a red shirt to perhaps be reminded of an item they need to buy or prescription that needs to be filled. Although the store sells items from thousands of different companies and manufacturers, heavy branding has given the store a strong sense of identity.

It can be challenging to market and sell various products and services under the umbrella of one company, but corporate branding allows companies to be both diverse and consistent at the same time. It is important that a company choose branding that is effective and recognizable, otherwise widespread brand recognition will not be possible. Smart businesses are thoughtful with their branding strategy. If you are unsure if your company has the identification needed to compete in your market, it’s time to get help.

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