Do you want to write a book, but hate writing, can’t write or simply don’t have time to write? A ghostwriter could be your golden ticket.

What is a Ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is skilled writer who creates content on your behalf.

As you know, Vertu already offers an anonymity option for articles, blogs and other publications. However, you may not know that we also offer GHOSTWRITING for authors. That’s right. We will write your book for you, and you’ll still be the author. Your name will be on the cover. Your name will be on those royalty checks, but you won’t actually have to do the writing! No one has to know that you got your content written by someone else, unless you want them to.

The benefits of hiring a quality ghostwriter for your book are numerous, but here are just a few to get the wheels turning:

They save time

Most people who use ghostwriting services do so because they simply don’t have the time to sit down and write a book. So instead, they consult a ghostwriter and people become amazed at how they’re able to “do all that” and “write a book too.” If you are short time or have tight deadlines, hiring a ghostwriter can help take the pressure off.

They are professionals, and really stinking good at what they do.

You can rest assured that the quality of work you will get from a professional ghostwriter will be top-notch, top-shelf, top-of-the-line and any other ‘top’ adjective you can think up. What’s more, when it comes to ghostwriters, one must admit that takes a special kind of proficiency to create amazing work that you’ll never claim as your own.

Ghostwriters are expert researchers

This is a little known fact, but part of the ghostwriters’ job description is to perform topically relevant research. Ghostwriters need to create content like they’re you, the author, which means they need to actually know a thing or two about your topic.

Interested in working with us?

If you think a ghostwriter might be a good fit for your project, we encourage you to reach out.

Pricing estimates for ghostwriting varies and is based specifically on the details of each project. We’ll be happy to review your needs with you and provide you with a quote that will both fit your budget and help you reach your goals.

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