Getting Things Done, With or Without the Motivation

Maintaining a productive and goal-oriented day might seem easy enough after hitting the first cup of coffee, but soon after reality usually hits and daily tasks and goals can take a nosedive. By the end of the day, to-do lists remain as long (or longer) as they were in the morning and many goals can still sit just out of reach.

Tired of the daily grind that produces little (if anything) to show for all of that work? It is probably time to shake up the system a little.

  • Make big goals little. Taking huge, long-term goals and breaking them down into a series of smaller, short-term goals can provide consistent feelings of accomplishment and help people stay focused and encouraged on reaching the next step.
  • Outline every step. Sure, it might seem unnecessary to tell someone, “Open up the trash can, remove the bag, tie it at the top, carry it outside and place it in the garbage bin,” instead of simply saying, “Hey! Take the trash out,” but for the unmotivated, spelling it out can be undeniably useful. Not up to the to-do list today? Try taking a few of those baby steps and notice how fast the ball starts rolling.
  • Do it anyway. Fire up the coffee pot and turn the TV off, it is time to just get it done. Motivated or not, some things just need to be completed.

Try listening to music with a quick beat or taking a quick walk around the street before settling in with the new and improved daily list. A bit of physical activity and some engaging music can be just the trick to help jump start motivation when it is noticeably lacking.

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