Getting Organized Is An Investment


Like many others, you may have resolved to take time this year to get more organized. Organization is a popular resolution each new year because many people recognize that lack of it can lead to frustration, stress and other complications. Getting more organized is not a magical elixir that will solve every problem, but it is something you should consider as an investment in yourself and your future success.

Getting organized can take a significant amount of work up front. You will have to develop new habits and perhaps even gain new skills to reach the level of organization you need. If you aren’t a naturally organized person, this can be frustrating or even boring. You may not enjoy it, but getting organized can bring the following benefits:

• Organized business operations can lead to a higher level of profitability.
• It can make it easier to delegate tasks to others.
• It will save you and others on your team valuable time.
• Organization can create a better and more cohesive company culture.
• It makes the storage and retrieval of information easier and faster.

Organization is good for business, but it starts with you on a personal level. You can’t have an organized company or do your job with exceptional levels of efficiency if you are not organized yourself. If you are unsure of where to begin, start with an assessment of yourself. In what areas do you feel out of control? Do you lose papers or have trouble keeping up with things? Identify your own organizational needs and start there.

You don’t have to be a naturally organized person to successfully develop this discipline in your own life. You simply have to be willing to do the work. Consistency in this area will eventually pay dividends, and you will see a return on the investment of your time and effort.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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