the eternal struggle. getting things from brain to paper.

When in search of discovering your true purpose in life and in business, most advice boils down to the same concept: introspection. This can be frustrating for people who already feel discouraged and uncertain if they even have a purpose at all.

Instead of churning through another series of questions or resorting to spending hours in a sweat lodge on the top of a mountain, a $2 notebook and a bit of freewriting could be the answer. What is freewriting?

Here I am freewriting just putting all of my thoughts on the page

not worrying about punctuation or grammar or misspellings just

my thoughts and my passions and oh dear did I miss that appointment?

I didn’t put it in my calendar now I’ll have to call and reschedule oh well.

At least I have good phone skills people practically drooll over my

voice on the phone I could talk the king of antarctica into buy ice from

the freezer bins outside the gas station.


Yes, it might look a bit silly, but the point is to not worry about what others might think of the words or the content (remember, this notebook is not for anyone else), but to help open up a bit of inner dialogue that has been hiding away for far too long.

Long utilized by authors, freewriting is an excellent way to let the words flow freely without stopping to think, correct, edit or erase. When seeking to discover your purpose, try to make freewriting a daily habit. Set a time for anywhere from five to ten minutes, turn off all distractions and then put pen to paper. After a few weeks, reviewing the notebook and freewriting entries should begin to show a pattern of passion, values and purpose.

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