Free Yourself From The Comparison Trap


Do you ever feel like you are behind, struggling to catch up, and not as successful as your contemporaries? It’s easy to fall into the comparison trap, especially when you weigh your success against that of others. For entrepreneurs riding the small business train, it’s tempting to glance at the competition and wonder why they are doing it better, faster or more profitably.

comparisonIn many cases, comparison is a poor lens through which to view reality. Our views of ourselves and others is often grossly distorted when we begin to compare positives and negatives. If you can truly only control yourself, what is the point of wasting time and energy worrying about others? Comparison is not only a thief of joy, it is a thief of time, energy and other valuable resources.

Instead of comparing your journey to that of those around you, focus on what you have already accomplished. You have already had successes, made positive impacts and improved yourself by choosing the path of entrepreneurship. Give yourself credit for what you have already done, keep your chin up and focus on the future. Set yourself free from the comparison trap—you are doing just fine.

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