For a Solid Finish to 2015, Start Now

Even if the close of your business’s fiscal year does not coincide with the New Year, finishing out 2015 with a strong bottom line is still a positive and attainable goal to make. However, setting a goal is one thing, seeing it through is another.

To be wholly committed to realizing an end-of-the-year goal, businesses have to be ready and capable to take action early. While the holiday season might still be a few months away, taking these steps now can have your business finishing out the year with a bang:

     1.Make it personal. Customers crave products and services that are unique in some way and are set apart from the crowd. Whether this is implemented on the website, in the product or even in shipping offers, find a way to make the business stand out.

     2.Narrow your target customers. Having a one-size-fits-all type of product that appeals to a wide range of customers might be the dream, but, so far, that dream is still far from reality. Don’t waste valuable marketing time and money on demographics who have no interest in your product. Instead, fuel those assets toward your target customers.

     3.Utilize freelancers and independent contractors. Hiring full-time employees might be a future goal for your business, but, if it is struggling, take advantage of the cost benefits of bringing in a freelancer. Independent contractors and freelancers can accomplish a wide variety of tasks, leaving you without the burden of medical costs or payroll taxes.

By narrowing your focus and pooling your resources where they count, you can see an enormous amount of change and growth in your business in only a few months. If you are prepared to help build your business up to the next level by the end of the year, make a plan with smaller goals that can be met along the way. As you meet each minor, short-term goal, you’ll be one step closer to starting the next year off on the right foot.

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