In the age of Google and Facebook reviews, businesses can no longer rely on outdated and poorly built websites to meet the needs of the average consumer. As a consumer myself, I frequently visit websites simply to get additional information about an exciting new product or service, only to be discouraged from actually initiating a transaction because the site is slow, confusing or lacks basic information. Marketing experts would agree that first impressions are paramount to building and sustaining a thriving online business, making website design a critical component to your success.

If your site is outdated, tired or only marginally acceptable, consider some of the following elements as possible additions:

  • Video backgrounds: These can be a great way to capture the attention and imagination of your customer. Video backgrounds can add an element of excitement to an otherwise straightforward website.
  • Large images or fonts: It is vital to capture a customer’s attention within the first few seconds of arriving at a site. Using large fonts can draw the eyes to critical information that needs to be communicated quickly, such as “SALE” or “Now offering new services!”
  • Updated information: When sites are not updated and improved on a frequent basis, potential customers will notice. Keeping websites as up-to-date as possible is critical for practical purposes, but also communicates a sense of pride, urgency and excitement to those visiting the site.

webMany business owners do not have the skills needed to professionally update a site’s design and function. However, that is something that we do at Virtue Marketing. Members of our team are uniquely skilled in providing the services needed in order to improve a site, update the design and make it more navigable for customers. First impressions count, more than ever before in the business world, so it is vital that a business’s site makes a strong opening statement.

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