Finding Legitimate Work-From-Home Jobs


Working from home has its advantages, which is why many people are searching for legitimate opportunities to work at home. A quick online search yields many results with job opportunities, claiming you can make lots of money while staying home. But some of these are simply not legitimate. If you’re looking for a job that allows you to work from home, do your research and use the following information to help you find a legitimate job opportunity.

Research thoroughly

When you search for work-from-home jobs on any job-hunting site, you may find a lot of options. Some of those are legitimate while others are not. Before even applying for a work-from-home position, it’s a good idea to do an online search for reviews from past employers or clients that have worked with the company. You may also want to contact the company for information on the exact details of the job. The information, or lack thereof, you find through your online search and the feedback you get from the company will help you decide if you want to proceed forward.

Employee or independent contractor?

Be sure to understand the difference between being an employee or an independent contractor. There are positives and negatives for both, but it’s important to know what the employer is offering you before you accept the position. Independent contractors generally decide their own hours and often may work with more than one employer or company. They don’t usually qualify for benefits or workers’ compensation.
Work-from-home employees may have to work during specific hours, they will likely have much more contact and guidance with their employer, and they usually quality for unemployment. Employees have taxes withheld from their pay while independent contractors pay a self-employment tax based on their earnings.

Traditional employees and independent contractors can find legitimate work-from-home opportunities. Be sure to research the company before submitting any personal information, as some online listings are scams. Understand what the employer is offering you and be very detailed in knowing their expectations of you as well as how and when you will be compensated for your work.

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