Finding And Reaching Your Target Audience

What is the benefit of a marketing plan if it does not reach the intended audience? Like the metaphorical tree falling in the forest, does it matter if there is no one around to hear it hit the ground? The best laid plans and most detailed marketing campaigns will fail if the right people do not see them.

The foundation of any marketing plan should be to identify the target audience. This is simply determining who you are trying to reach and how you will reach them. Finding the target audience can be as simple as asking a few questions, such as:

Is my business primarily for…

  • …men or women?
  • …commercial clients?
  • …older or younger people?
  • …limited to my geographical area?
  • …those who are already aware of my business and services offered?

The entire purpose behind marketing is to reach the right audience with the right information. For example, a house cleaning business should not waste time and money on marketing that is not centered in the appropriate geographical area. Those who may need help from this type of business are likely busy or working during the day, so it would be relatively futile to invest in a daytime commercial spot on television. Therefore, social media and Internet-based advertising may be optimal.

The above is just one example of how easy it is to completely miss the mark when it comes to reaching a target audience. If you have invested in a marketing blitz that fell flat, spent countless hours following up on dead-end leads or find that you are getting no response from a recent print campaign, it is entirely plausible that you have missed the right people. A brochure in the hands of a 20-something may be useless, simply because most of their research and interaction is done online. However, a well-made brochure can be the perfect way to connect with an elderly potential customer who does not easily navigate the Internet.

Identifying a target audience is crucial. However, the hard part may not lie in the who, but in the how. There is great benefit in having a knowledgeable ally when trying to revive a listless business, jumpstart an income stream for a new company or to simply understand why your marketing plans have not been fruitful. Not only can we help identify your target audience, we can ensure that you have a streamlined, detailed and completely unique method of reaching it.

Connecting with the right group means the difference between life and death in the business world. Let us help get your message to the right people, in the right way.

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