Hate Your Job, But Love What You Do–It’s Really Possible


Do you hate your job? Maybe you don’t exactly hate your job, but do you feel stuck, annoyed or bored with what it requires you to do, day in and day out? Despite what the inspirational gurus on Facebook may tell you, simply “following your dream” or “doing what you love” won’t pay the bills. In fact, it is still very possible to do something you may not like very much and still find joy, fulfillment and purpose in what you are doing.

“Chasing your passion” can mean many different things, and not all of them involve a paycheck and the ability to support your family. You may love to travel, but, sadly, no one is going to pay you to lay by a pool in Hawaii for two weeks. (I checked. This job does not exist.) The key to doing what you love is not the job itself, but understanding how to make your passion and reality meet. Before you quit to travel indefinitely, or at least until the money runs out, ask yourself, “How does my passion correlate to an in-demand, paying job?” Even if the answer is not immediately clear, you may be shocked to learn that, at least for now, the answer could be found in the job you already have.

You may not have your dream career. You may not even like your “placeholder” one, but, the truth is, the right perspective can do much to improve your situation. More than just forcing yourself to have a better attitude, it is worthwhile to really work on finding things to love about what you already have–whether it’s your work, your possessions or other areas of life. You don’t have to have the most amazing job in the entire world to have fulfillment or contentment. As we head into 2017, don’t let your work rob you of your joy or passion, but find ways to add value to what you are already doing. You can actually love what you do without loving your actual job.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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