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Facebook Live is a relatively new component of the widely used social media platform, which makes it the perfect time figure out to figure why you should be using it and how you should be using it. Social video is here to stay, and as a business owner, there are many benefits to using video to build better relationships with potential customers and clients.

One of the main benefits of using Facebook Live is that the content is fresh, and there is a certain allure to watching a live feed that viewers do not feel when watching prerecorded content. You may not feel completely comfortable in doing live broadcasts, but it’s important to consider “dipping a toe in” and finding out why this could be a really, really good thing. If you are, at best, uncomfortable in front of a camera, or, at worst, completely paralyzed by fear of public speaking, here are some great tips to help you ease your way in and capture people’s attention as they are scrolling through their newsfeed:

  • Preparation: You may be speaking live, but there is no reason why you can’t outline your thoughts or think through what you are going to say. If you are nervous, preparation can go a long way toward easing stage fright. Off-the-cuff broadcasting is not for everyone, and that is perfectly okay.
  • The first 15 seconds: If you do not capture a person’s attention in the first 15 second of your broadcast, the chances are great that they will just keep scrolling. You don’t have to vamp or tell amazing jokes while you wait for more people to tune in. Make an introductory statement, then say what you need to say. Don’t waste those first precious moments.
  • Be creative: Okay, maybe using Facebook Live in the first place is creative enough for your tastes, thank you very much, but over time, you may be surprised to find that you are more comfortable with the live broadcast format. At this point, consider live Q&A sessions, preview a new product or service, introduce an employee, or simply take a few seconds to say “hi”.

Facebook continues to change and grow, and in order to make it work for your business, you will have to adapt to these changes. This might mean you have to stretch way outside of your comfort zone, but it’s worth it. If connecting with a wider base of potential customers and increased exposure is your goal, Facebook Live may be the fastest, cheapest (it’s free!) way to accomplish this goal.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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