Essential Questions For Copywriting

Your product or service is good enough to speak for itself, right? Well, not necessarily. Although word-of-mouth and a solid design might have worked well enough in the past, the age of the Internet has changed the rules of the game.

The ultimate goal of well-written copy is to convince consumers to take some sort of action. Should they try a new brand of herbal teas or switch to a different Internet provider? If the copy is compelling enough, they just might.

Before copywriting ever goes live on the web, an enormous amount of thought, care and critical research needs to be put into the piece. For some products, keeping it short and sweet is the most effective route to a successful piece of copy, while a lengthier piece is more appropriate for other situations. To help determine the most effective way to approach copywriting for a specific purpose, try asking yourself these questions:

• What is my product and how is it useful or needed?
• Who is the target audience and what do they care about?
• Are my keywords unique and identifiable?
• What feelings do I want to convey?
• What is my call to action?

These questions are mostly straightforward but surprisingly easy to overlook. Copywriting is not about waving your arms in front of consumers and pushing your product in their faces, but is more about inviting them in to have a look around and learn about how they can benefit from what you are offering.

Over the next several weeks, we will examine and discuss each of these questions in more detail and discover how even the smallest factor can affect the strength of your copywriting skills.

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