Entrepreneurs Take Steps to Hack Their Brain Power

Too busy to stop for a lunch break? Scheduling your trips to the bathroom? Not sure where one work day ends and the other begins? The early days of a startup can be a blur of meetings, research and networking, with many entrepreneurs forgoing their own well-being in lieu of focusing on their businesses.

Our society praises hard workers for a reason they are great! But, there is a distinct and profound difference between a hard worker and an over worker. The next time you feel like forgoing a lunch break or rest period in order to power through more work, consider what science has to say about the power of a simple walk.

Exercise improves memory.

Having trouble remembering the main topics of that last meeting? A walk could have helped. Even mild exercise greatly reduces the anxiety and stress felt by a person, and both of these are prominent inhibitors of cognition in the brain. Want to remember more and keep your stress level low? Spend some time walking each day.

Exercise affects the size of the prefrontal cortex.

Both the prefrontal cortex and the medial temporal cortex strongly influence the memory and thinking power of the brain. Scientists discovered that these areas of the brain are actually larger in people who exercise on a regular basis. Most people see a significant increase in just six months, with full benefits more apparent after about a year.

The brain is the most important asset for any entrepreneur. New ideas, business strategies and even just day-to-day management of business requires a sharp, focused mind. If these areas of life are starting to turn a little fuzzy, strap on a pair of comfortable shoes and hit the sidewalk. Your brain will thank you for it.

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