Employee Problems Are Not Something To Ignore

One of the blessings of growth and success is the need to hire employees to help run your company. Working with others can take some time to get used to, especially if you are an entrepreneur who has been working independently for a long time. After awhile, you will become more comfortable with navigating interpersonal relationships, scheduling, compensation and management of your staff. It is important, however, to avoid becoming too comfortable in your position, which can lead to a sense of complacency and a desire to ignore employee problems because it is simply easier than confrontation.

Unfortunately, there will likely be a time when you will have to deal with a problem involving one of your employees or staff members. It is always optimal to deal with these issues head-on, as avoidance will only lead to additional complications. You may not think that you have a strong leadership style, but dealing with employee problems is not something to resolve with passive-aggressive tactics. It may be uncomfortable, but it is always better to use the following tactics when speaking with an employee about a negative situation:

  • Do not give hints or talk around the subject — be direct
  • Be polite, but straightforward
  • List the problems specifically
  • Offer the employee an opportunity to respond
  • Outline your expectations and demands going forward

You worked for years, maybe even decades, to start your business and make it succeed. Personnel problems can quickly sink the ship, and you have the right to diligently protect the business you poured your time, effort and money into. Employee problems are not something to ignore, and you should not sit idly by or drop hints and hope things get better. Mutual respect is an important part of making the employee-employer relationship work, and you can cultivate this by being direct and honest about expectations and dealing with problems in the right way.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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