Don’t Trade Your Health For Your Success


Busy entrepreneurs and small business owners know how difficult it can be to maintain one’s health while trying to hustle and meet goals. From the “vending machine diet” to the fast food drive-thru, healthy choices for busy people are, well, slim pickings. Over time, this fast-paced lifestyle and unhealthy diet can catch up with a person, resulting in weight gain, feelings of sluggishness and illness.

While your success is important, it should never come at the expense of your health. Fortunately, it is not difficult to stay healthy on the go, but it does require effort, commitment and discipline. Some ways that the busiest entrepreneurs can maintain their health may include the following:

  • healthDrink lots of water. This is so simple to do, yet most Americans don’t drink enough water during the day. Get a large stainless steel water bottle, and keep it full of ice and water. Refill throughout the day as necessary. If you have a hard time drinking plain water, try slicing up various types of fruit to add to the water until you find a combination that is palatable.
  • healthFind a workout that works for you. Not everyone is a “gym person”, and that’s okay. Find a workout routine that you don’t dread and commit to it for a month. You may find that you actually begin to look forward to your workouts, even if it means an earlier wake-up call. Squeeze in walks, do body weight exercises during your lunch break or buy a workout DVD that you can do whenever your schedule allows.
  • healthPack your food. One of the best ways to eat healthy on the road or during a busy day at the office is to pack your food. Fruit, nuts and veggies are travel friendly when packed in small plastic baggies, and sectioned containers can make packing a healthy lunch easy. Meal planning and even preparing all of your lunches for the week at the same time can be a time and motivation saver.

Staying healthy is a challenge, even when you are not a busy business owner. Your success should NEVER come at the expense of your health. Your physical well-being is one of your most valuable commodities, so take care of it. You are worth it!

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