Beating Fear with the Power of Choice

Beating Fear

No matter how successful you become, how long you’ve walked the road of life, how much you know – how little you know, how much you’ve been through or how naturally brave you happen to be — fear is a part of the human condition. But, believe it or not, you have more control over beating fear than  you think.

You see, fear is a choice – and that means beating fear is also a choice — and it’s not just a one time thing. When we decide it’s time to beat fear, we must consistently make the same choice over and over. Fear is a sneaky predator and if we’re not constantly on guard against it, it will creep back into our lives. Every day, I purpose in my heart that fear is NOT part of my spirit. It’s not who I am…I CHOOSE to avoid fear-motivated decisions, over and over and over. Making a fear motivated decision allows the FEAR to win, and since fear isn’t real, isn’t who we are, we’re really only defeating ourselves.

Fear is only powerful when we feed it. Beating fear is simply the repeated, intentional choice to NOT feed the “monster.”

Does that man fear won’t “happen” sometimes? No.

We all have fears — some are even considered “healthy.”  It’s okay to acknowledge our fears when we have them, but it’s more empowering to acknowledge them, and then CHOOSE to stop feeding them. Fearing something is like worrying over something, it’s doesn’t produce anything good.

Making choices based on fear, whether those choices are professional, personal, political (you name it) almost always results in irrational decisions and senseless regrets.

There are ways to prevent yourself from making fear-motivated decisions. There are ways to overcome the struggles we ALL face (me included).

What are you afraid of?

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