Don’t Let The Fear Of Failure Actually Lead To Failure

The fear of failure is often what motivates people to try harder, work smarter and avoid setbacks whenever possible. It’s okay to not want to fail, but the fear of failure, when allowed to be your sole motivating factor, can actually make it more likely that you will end up failing. In reality, failure, while not a lot of fun to experience, is actually a great way to learn and grow. Maybe it’s time to stop being so afraid of it and allow other things to motivate you to succeed and improve.

When people are afraid of failure, they are less likely to act boldly and take risks — two things that are sometimes important for business owners. Playing it safe and being smart are two different things, and you have to be able to discern when it’s time to take a risk and when it’s time to act cautiously. If you allow fear of failure to control your decisions, you may find yourself stuck in the same old place for years. Even if a risk doesn’t pay off, that’s okay! Failure, setbacks and unexpected outcomes can be the catalyst for new ideas, bold ventures and steps forward that can lead to success and growth for your business.

If you’re too afraid to fail, you may also miss opportunities that will allow your business to earn more money. New products, services, operational organization, employees, systems and investments may all seem like a risk in the beginning, but what if it’s actually the start of something amazing? This is not to say you should not do your research and try to be smart — it simply means that you shouldn’t be afraid to take calculated risks from time to time. Could you fail? Sure. But what’s the worst that can happen? You can learn from it, tweak your strategy and try again with the same thing or something new.

The most successful individuals in business have failed again and again. What sets them apart is their willingness to learn from it and keep going. Fear of failure can make it more likely you fail as a result of inaction, indecisiveness and lack of growth. Let go of this particular fear, and you may find that nothing is holding you back once you do this.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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