Doing the Work – Three Steps for Going the Extra Mile and Reaping the Reward

“Going the extra mile” is a phrase I hear all the time in business. “Do the work,” “work the hustle,” the list goes on and on – there are a ton of business ‘buzz phrases’ designed to motivate and inspire, and of course, designed to become fodder for a thousand memes and pic-quotes. But one thing I rarely see is information on HOW one goes the extra mile. HOW exactly do we “work the hustle?” What exactly does it look like when someone is willing to do today what others won’t so they can live tomorrow like others can’t?

The truth is, there are lots of different ways to “work the hustle,” but I decided it might be helpful to have some practical steps that you can take to really and truly go the extra mile – so, today’s focus is exactly that. Sometimes “going the extra mile” is easier said than done, especially if you have no idea what it looks like to go the extra mile.

Let’s talk about three practical ways you can go the extra mile, and while we’re at it – let’s get the creative juices flowing and come up with a whole list of ways! If you have ideas on what it really means to go the extra mile, please comment. We want to know – Share your wisdom!

PS – I should reiterate that Step Two should NOT take the place of your other important studies (for example, your Bible study or your academic studies).

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