Does Dinnertime Matter When It Comes To Your Health?


There are all sorts of studies on eating patterns. These studies involve everything from how many calories are optimal per day to how many meals you should eat each day. While these studies can be helpful to some, there are so many variables based on personal needs and lifestyle, that it can be hard to know which data is relevant or useful to you. Studies also evaluate when the best time is to eat dinner is in relation to promoting your overall health. Many people know that eating right before bed is not ideal; however, eating even earlier in the day may be a good option for many people.

Is an early dinner better for you?

Work, school and activity schedules can dictate when you’re able to eat dinner on weekdays and weekends. Some people don’t get home from work until late in the evening. Those with non-traditional schedules have to plan their meals around when they’re able to take a break. Dinner at 5 p.m. is just not feasible for many. There may be some health benefits to eating earlier in the evening, and it may help you maintain a healthy weight and metabolism. However, it just doesn’t work for everyone.

Early dinners have some benefits

When you eat dinner earlier in the evening, it gives your body time to properly digest your food. Eating close to bedtime can disrupt your sleep and it can prevent your body from using calories efficiently, which can lead to weight gain. Following hunger cues and eating before you feel like you’re starving is important, but that will depend on many factors, including when you ate last. Those who deal with gastric reflux and other digestive issues can also benefit from eating their last meal at least three hours before going to sleep.

You can find a food-related study for nearly anything. People are always looking for the best eating plan and new ideas on how to stay healthy. While eating an early dinner can be beneficial for some, it doesn’t work for everyone’s schedule. The most important thing is to find what works best based on your hunger cues and the schedule your family has throughout the week.

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