Do You Need A Mentor?

In many of the most complex fields, individuals must shadow and learn from a more experienced person in that specific job. Learning from example and first-hand experience is one of the most valuable types of educational experiences, and this can be something that benefits people in virtually every type of professional setting. This is why it may be beneficial to consider having a mentor as you pursue a specific career path.

If you don’t have a mentor, you have a few different options available that will help you connect with the right person. There are companies that are able to match people with the right business mentor, or you could simply connect with someone the old-fashioned way. When choosing the right mentor, it not only helps to look at their current success, but to take stock of where they came from as well.

Business mentors don’t necessarily have to be older or wiser than you. You simply need to look for someone who has experience and has met similar goals to those you have set for yourself. This is someone who can fill in the gaps of your own knowledge with what he or she has experienced and learned already. Your chosen mentor can set an example, answer questions and provide guidance for complex situations you may find yourself in someday.

Mentors aren’t perfect. They have likely experienced their own failures and setbacks, and they’ve managed to learn from them. Having this type of guidance and store of knowledge at your disposal can give you a boost in your career and help you gain an advantage as you pursue your dreams.

If you don’t have a professional mentor yet, ask yourself how you could benefit from the experience and guidance of someone a bit farther down the road than you. You may be surprised to learn how simply having a listening ear and wise counsel can help you in your career in multiple ways.

By Meagan Kerlin for Vertu Marketing LLC

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